Thursday, July 18, 2013

Audiorecorder Class is Working

All of the functionality of the audiorecorder is implemented except for the properties dependent on the timer class.

octave:1> recorder = audiorecorder (44100, 16, 2);
octave:2> record (recorder);
# record something using the default recording device on your system
octave:3> stop (recorder);
# now you have several options, for example you get get the data for manipulation:
octave:4> data = getaudiodata (recorder);
# play the recorded data directly
octave:5> play (recorder);
# or get an audioplayer object containing the recorded audio
octave:6> player = audioplayer (recorder);
# or alternatively
octave:7> player = getplayer (recorder);

All the other examples from MATLAB documentation should be working as well.


  1. why don't you add those to octave-forge (i almost installed matlab cause i need the audiorecorder function)

  2. It is supposed to be integrated in to Octave some time in the near future.